Events 2023

The national theme for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2023 is ‘Ordinary people’. It’s an interesting concept – can be applied to the role of ordinary people as victims, helpers, perpetrators or just ordinary folk who stood by and did nothing during the Holocaust and other genocides.

We have some new people in our group who have family stories of the Holocaust and hopefully we’ll be able to feature some of that material.

We’ll advertise our plans on this page once we have sorted out a programme. These will probably include:
  • A lantern-lit vigil on Cliffe Bridge in Lewes in the early evening of HMD itself (Friday 27 January); this will include speeches and readings
  • A film about an event in the Holocaust at Depot cinema
  • A display in Lewes Tourist Information Centre window, for a week from Friday 20 January
  • A selection of books and DVDs relating to the Holocaust and other genocides at Lewes Library
  • A discussion/creative event based on letter-writing
  • An evening of music and readings at Depot cinema’s Studio

Events 2023
Lewes Holocaust Memorial Day Group